Wild Waid - Jumeriah

Wild Wadi is as wild as it can be! From the ultimate adrenalin rush to hours of relaxed pleasure, Wild Wadi offers 23 rides, and other attractions, packed with adventure for all ages.This exciting outing promises an action-packed day for the whole family. Wild Wadi combines giant rock formations and tropical vegetation to create a dramatic visual re-creation of the mountain peaks and deep wadis of the Hajar Mountains. Here, continuous water-borne excitement is yours, with over 20 individual fun-filled rides. For a more relaxing view of the park, jump into a hoop and float gently down the Lazy River.At Breakers Bay, you will encounter one and a half meter high waves. The kids will love the shallow pools, the cool water jets and mini slides. Safety vests are provided professional lifeguards keep constant vigil.